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Charles Mackintosh Chemist

Charles Mackintosh Chemist who invented the famous raincoat

Makcintosh turned into born in Glasgow Scotland, the son of George Mackintosh and Mary Moore. He become first employed as a clerk. Mackintosh married Mary Fisher in 1790, daughter of Alexander Fisher, a Glasgow service provider. They’d one son, George Mackintosh (1791-1848).


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Charles dedicated his spare time to technological know-how, specially chemistry and before he changed into 20 resigned his clerkship to absorb the manufacture of chemical compounds. On this he became exceptionally a hit and invented diverse new procedures. His experiments with naphtha (one of the byproducts of tar) caused his invention of water-resistant cloth; the essence of his patent turned into the cementing of two thicknesses of material together with herbal rubber. The rubber is made soluble by the movement of the naphtha. In 1823 he changed into elected a fellow of the Royal Society for his chemical discoveries.

In 1828 he became a partner with James Beaumont Neilson in a firm to exploit the latter’s patent for the new blast blowing of blast furnaces, which stored substantially on their gasoline consumption.

Charles died in 1843 and changed into buried in the Glasgow Cathedral graveyard. He’s buried with his mother and father within the ground of his first rate grandfather John Anderson of Douhill, Lord Provost of Glasgow. His call is added to the 17th century monument which stands towards the japanese boundary wall. A overdue 19th century secondary memorial also exists, in polished red granite, barely to the north, wherein Charles is once more stated at the grave of his son George.

First bought in 1824, the Mackintosh coat is called after its Glaswegian inventor, Charles Mackintosh. He designed one of the first water resistant fabric via rubberising sheets of material in his fabric factory.

On what have been his 250th birthday, he has now been honoured with his own Google Doodle.

He became born in Glasgow in 1766 and although he started out existence as a clerk, he become a eager chemist in his spare time and resigned his clerkship to soak up the manufacture of chemical compounds.

In 1823 while looking for makes use of for the waste products of gasworks, Mackintosh noted that naphtha, one of the by using products of tar, was capable of dissolve India rubber.

Taking the rubber coating and placing it between portions of wool cloth, he became able to create a cloth that might get moist on the out of doors, but defend the wearer from water.

He patented his invention in 1824, after which factories started out to supply the new mackintosh, now spelt with a ok, cloth.

However it suffered from a number of teething problems. Within the manner of stitching the clothes tailors puncture the material permitting the rain to get in. Additionally they became stiff in winter and sticky in warm weather.

It changed into also claimed that he had copied the approach from James Syme, a Scottish health care provider.

Mackintosh become elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1823, for his various chemical discoveries.

But tailors were initially reluctant to apply his fabric and so he installation his very own company as an alternative. This become later merged with that of Thomas Hancock, who initiated the use vulcanised rubber into the layout.

This progressed its durability to cement its usefulness and desirability.

Fashion Object

The first apparel item become a riding coat with internal leg straps to maintain the coat from flapping.

Now, the employer’s variety of men’s and women’s raincoats, that variety from narrow,single-breasted styles to double-breasted, belted trenches, is made by using craftspeople who have served a 3-12 months apprenticeship. It’s nonetheless made in the united kingdom in factories in Cumbernauld in Scotland and Nelson, Lancashire.

It changed into turned into a fashion icon by way of stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen, which sealed its popularity as a venerable British logo.

Like Burberry and Paul Smith, mackintosh’s Britishness has also given it a cult status in Japan, wherein it’s far extremely famous.


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