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Cavaliers send Kyrie Irving to Celtics!

Cavaliers send Kyrie Irving to Celtics in deal including Isaiah Thomas, Nets 2018 


The Boston Celtics have acquired All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers for point guard Isaiah Thomas, forward Jae Crowder, center Ante Zizic and Brooklyn‘s 2018 unprotected first-round pick, the teams announced Tuesday night.

Irving, 25, requested a trade during a July meeting with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. At the time, Irving said that he wanted to play in a situation in which he could be more of a focal point and that he no longer wanted to play alongside LeBron James, sources said.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge noted the bittersweet nature of Tuesday’s trade.

“This has obviously been a roller coaster of a day for us, trading away Isaiah and Jae and Ante, especially Isaiah and Jae, who have been such a big part of our team and our success and our Celtic culture as leaders of our team. Very, very difficult day,” Ainge said. “At the same time, a very exciting time [to add] one of the best offensive players in the league.”

Ainge said that it was a very tough phone call to inform Thomas, who had emerged as the face of the franchise since he arrived at the trade deadline in February 2015.

Ainge also said the Celtics did their homework on Irving after his falling out with James in Cleveland and said Irving is “excited” to be joining the Celtics. Ainge also acknowledged that Irving’s price tag was high.

“It is a high price tag,” he said. “But acquiring a 25-year-old perennial All-Star, a player that fits a timeline for us and is a fantastic offensive player, one of the best offensive players in the league, you have to pay a heavy price.”

Pressed on the difficulty of giving up the unprotected Brooklyn pick, Ainge noted, “We valued it from the time we got it, and it’s still very valuable. Obviously, we value Kyrie more. It’s that simple.”


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The return of the KLF band!

The return of the KLF: pop’s greatest provocateurs take on a post-truth world


So why exactly did the KLF set £1m on fire? It’s been a burning question for 23 years, as pop’s greatest provocateurs chose to let rumour, conjecture and myth around the publicity stunt – held on the Scottish island of Jura and ending their career on 23 August 1994 – swirl about unanswered for two decades. Until now.

The project formed by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty in 1987, which has lain dormant in a self-imposed moratorium of 23 years, returned at 00.23am on the morning of Wednesday 23 August. As Drummond and Cauty drove into a backstreet of Liverpool in an ice-cream van to begin three days of events, their first new work – a trilogy of dystopian fiction, an “end of days story”, called 2023: A Trilogy – simultaneously dropped online.

Yet this is not a book for those looking for straightforward answers, and is as obtuse as the KLF themselves, who have published it under their other moniker, the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. It is a multi-layered, self-referential meta tale, starting with two undertakers, Cauty and Drummond, who discover a life-changing book called 2023: A Trilogy on a hotel bookshelf. It was written by “George Orwell”, the pseudonym for one Roberta Antonia Wilson, 33 years ago. “What you are about to read is what they read – well almost,” reads the preface, adding that it has been translated from Ukrainian.

It is a tale which switches between the diary of the author, Roberta, in April 1984, and her fictional novel set in 2023, in the tax haven of Fernando Po, which is the last nation state on earth (on a small island off the coast of Africa). “It was once part of Equatorial Guinea, before Equatorial Guinea did their lucrative deal with Wikitube,” notes the book.

It is littered with bastardised references to 2017 culture in a nod to the grim future that could befall us all – the Big Five who rule the world are GoogleByte, Wikitube, Amazaba, FaceLife and AppleTree. Winnie, the main protagonist, has had an affair with Julian Assange in her younger years, and now uses an iPhone23; Michelle Obama has been the first female president of the US in 2020 but now models for Damien Hirst; Putin was crowned (ceremonial) czar of Russia; Simon Cowell was murdered by a former contestant live on China’s Got Talent in 2017. An alternative history for the Beatles and their role in world peace is also offered. Yet for all the technological progress, today’s social flaws, particularly the degradation of women, remain unchanged in 2023.

KLF’s re-entrance into the world on Wednesday night in their battered ice-cream truck also almost exactly mirrors a passage of the book, which points to a note scrawled on a warehouse wall in Liverpool. “I found myself in a dusty, sooty city. It was night and winter and dark and rainy. Then I saw an ice-cream van pull around a corner and pull up beside a derelict building.”


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Jerry Lewis: US comedian dies aged 91

Entertainer Jerry Lewis, one of Hollywood’s most successful comedians, has died aged 91


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A family statement said he died of natural causes at his home in Las Vegas on Sunday morning.

Lewis’s 10-year partnership with Dean Martin saw them star in 16 films and achieve huge box office success.

He became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, chalking up hits such as The Bell Boy, Cinderfella and The Nutty Professor.

Other notable successes included The King of Comedy in 1983, in which he played a talk show host stalked by Robert de Niro.

Fellow celebrities paid tribute as news of his death broke. Whoopi Goldberg called it “a gain for heaven, but big loss for comedy”.

Star Trek actor William Shatner tweeted that the world was “a lot less funnier today”.

Actor Jim Carrey, whose comedy style was strongly influenced by Jerry Lewis, said: “That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable blessing, comedy’s absolute. I am because he was!”

There were also tributes from the daughters of Lewis’s longtime associates Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

“Dear Jerry, Dad will be as happy to see you as I’m sad to see you go. Give him one of your bear hugs for me. I’ll always love you,” tweeted Nancy Sinatra.

Deana Martin also wrote on Twitter: “I’m heartbroken at the loss of our life-long friend (Uncle) Jerry Lewis. I’ve loved him all my life and will miss him greatly.”


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Comedian and activist Dick Gregory dies!

US comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory has died at the age of 84, his family has announced

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dick Gregory

Gregory died at hospital in Washington DC after being admitted with an undisclosed illness.

The family shared the news of their “enormous sadness” in a post on social media on Saturday.

From the 1960s Gregory mocked racism in his stand-up routines. He was among the first US black comedian to perform regularly in front of white audiences.

“It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr Dick Gregory departed this earth tonight in Washington, DC,” his son, Christian, wrote on Instagram.

He added that the family “appreciates the outpouring of support and love” but requested that their privacy be respected “during this very difficult time”.


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Why Did Heather Heyer die ???

Mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer: ‘They tried to kill my child to shut her up’



IT TOOK four days for President Trump to utter Heather Heyer’s name, in a tweet, and it appears that no one from his administration bothered to attend her memorial service on Wednesday. But Ms. Heyer, who died Saturday protesting the racist goons who descended on Charlottesville, hardly needed official Washington’s imprimatur. Her principles and resolve were incontrovertible proof of her integrity — far more proof than a morally compromised president could possibly confer by his words.

“They tried to kill my child to shut her up,” said her mother, Susan Bro, speaking at her daughter’s memorial service and pointing a defiant finger. “Well, guess what? You just magnified her.” She received a standing ovation.

Ms. Heyer never sought the celebrity she achieved in death. A 32-year-old paralegal with a high school education, she supplemented her income by working as a bartender and waitress. She was also, by all accounts, passionate about the injustice she saw around her. “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,” she said in a Facebook post.



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Health Minister Ley Sussan

Health Minister Ley Sussan faces clean requires resignation after frequent journeys to Gold Coast

Fitness Minister Ley Sussan is dealing with fresh calls to resign after revelations she has taken 27 taxpayer funded flights inside and out of the Gold Coast over current years, together with over two consecutive years throughout the new yr’s Eve duration.

Health Minister Sussan Ley is facing calls to provide a full explanation of her trip to the Gold Coast or resign.

Ms Ley has come under fireplace for purchasing an $700,000 condominium on a 2016 taxpayer funded trip to the Gold Coast, in which her partner owns a bin cleansing commercial enterprise.

Ms Ley will on Monday morning take questions about the affair from reporters in Albury, in her voters, at her first press convention for the reason that scandal broke remaining week.

At the same time as preserving the belongings purchase changed into now not planned and that she had professional enterprise on the Gold Coast, Ms Ley on Sunday apologised for her “mistakes of judgment” and agreed to repay the money for 5 trips to the Gold Coast.

But government statistics show Ms Ley, who is based in Albury, has been a common vacationer to the Gold Coast on account that 2013 and that she has made considerably extra trips to the area than her non Queensland frontbench colleagues.

Ms Ley used her taxpayer entitlements to spend 38 nights at the Gold Coast for the reason that 2014, along with 16 nights in 2014, eleven nights in 2015, 10 in 2016 and one inside the first 1/2 of 2017.

By means of contrast, Nationals chief Barnaby Joyce has spent four nights on the Gold Coast over the equal length and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield 6 nights.

Labor’s health spokeswoman Catherine King instructed ABC radio on Monday: “Frankly, I do not assume she has were given any choice but to resign.

If she’s no longer inclined to renounce I don’t suppose Malcolm Turnbull has any desire however to step her down from the frontbench.

Both his ministerial standards are there to be enforced or they are no longer well worth the paper they are written on.

Among Ms Ley’s 28 flights to the Gold Coast became a flight on December 31, 2014, from Albury to Coolangatta via Sydney.

Ms Ley used a Cabcharge voucher that day earlier than taking taxpayer funded taxis on New yr’s Eve.

The following 13 months Ms Ley charged taxpayer for a flight from Coolangatta to Sydney on New 13 months’s Day in addition to a flight for a member of the family.

Ms Ley did no longer rate taxpayers for accommodation over those durations.

Other examples of Ms Ley’s travel to the Gold Coast include when she billed taxpayers for accommodation in June 2015 at the same time as travelling on legit commercial enterprise. She sooner or later claimed travel allowance for three nights’ accommodation at the Gold Coast in October 2015.

In September 2016 she made trips to the Gold Coast for reliable business, charging taxpayers for 6 nights’ accommodation in general.

Ms King said: masses of Australians love the Gold Coast but this minister seems to truely like the Gold Coast.

That many journeys to the Gold Coast does seem a lot over a fairly brief time frame.

In a announcement released on Monday, Ms Ley said: i’ve always sought to apply higher requirements for myself in the use of treasured taxpayers’ budget.

Whilst attending an auction was not the reason for my visit to Queensland or the Gold Coast, I absolutely recognize this modified the context of the travel undertaken.

The distinction among public and private business have to be as clean as viable whilst managing taxpayers’ cash.

I have spoken to the prime Minister and he is of the same opinion that this claim does not meet the excessive requirements he expects of Ministers.

I apologise for the mistake of judgment.

Ley Sussan’s mea culpa for slugging the taxpayer for a work trip to the Gold Coast whilst she bought a prime beach condo simply does not cut it.

It is inadequate as it does no longer cope with Friday’s announcement by her office that she bought the $886,000 rental on a whim, in between meetings with patients about access to new drug treatments, after touring to Brisbane to make an statement on fitness coverage.

If the purchase was neither deliberate nor predicted, as her workplace maintained, how did she find herself at the auction at some stage in a visit she would charge to the taxpayer.

Her announcement stresses the significance of transparency, however does no longer address this maximum fundamental of questions.

Is this what Turnbull Malcolm had in thoughts when he expressed the wish that politicians might speak greater evidently and with greater candour to the Australian human beings in 2017.

They too blurred the distinction between public and private business, a distinction she concedes should be as clean as viable when managing taxpayers’ cash.

The inconsistency is that Ms Ley describes herself as one who applies better standards to herself than her parliamentary colleagues with regards to the usage of taxpayer price range, but she offers the maximum basic reparation paying again the cash and accepting the desired monetary penalty.

The ABC has already identified 21 journeys where there are unanswered questions, consisting of three that took her to the Gold Coast on New yr’s Eve in 2014 and 2015.

In reaction to questions from the general public broadcaster, her workplace is suggested as announcing: In her portfolio, she is needed to undertake good sized meetings with docs, sufferers and different corporations that aren’t media or public occasions.

Is that this speaking greater it seems that and with more candour to the Australian people.

Turnbull’s declaration of ministerial standards become signed in October 2016 and begins with the assertion that ministers and assistant ministers are entrusted with the behavior of public business and ought to act in a way that is regular with the very best standards of integrity and propriety.

Ministers are predicted to behavior all official enterprise on the premise that they’ll be predicted to demonstrate publicly that their movements and choices in carrying out public commercial enterprise were concerned with the sole objective of advancing the general public hobby.

That must had been the signal for all to test their affairs have been absolutely in order.

The high Minister returns to paintings these days and says the focus might be on ensuring Australians are able to weather the economic challenges the sector provides and seize the opportunities that era and the speedy growth in our region offer.

Instead, he’s in damage manipulate, managing another marvel distraction.


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The Weather Jazzfest Marathon

There are jazz gala’s, after which there’s the New York iciness Jazzfest, whose 14th annual edition may be staged throughout downtown New York city this week       (Feb. 11-15).

Far from the genteel crowds and sedate degrees of summer standbys like Newport and Monterey, the wintry weather Jazzfest and especially its night, dozens of artists strong marathon is programmed to show simply how younger and numerous the style is (yes, in 2017). In preference to sprawling outdoor levels and huge theaters, artists both up and coming and world renowned play inside the equal small big apple clubs that host jazz and pa every different night of the week. Every different night time, even though, one $forty five wristband wouldn’t get you into 13 of them, every web hosting approximately five distinct acts.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

The size can be a bit overwhelming, specifically for the reason that venues span the big apple’s Greenwich and East Village. This yr, WJF is supplying a few themes to help manual the ones daunted by the large schedule: social justice, with a focal point on song tied to the Black Lives Matter motion, a part of the ticket proceeds will visit agencies that sell equality. Thelonious Monk’s centennial (he become born Oct. 10, 1917) and artist in residence drummer and composer Andrew Cyrille, who will perform 4 instances throughout the pageant. Beneath are seven acts selected to show the competition’s range and the first class component is, if you come organized for a bit hiking across the city, you’ll be capable of trap they all.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

The 23-yr-old Cuban singer seems like she’s lived 6 lifetimes when she opens her mouth signed by Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, she brings a distinct combo of Santeria, R&B, and of path, jazz to what’s going to inevitably be a dance inducing set.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

It’d be wrong to speak about WJF without giving time to its sampling of the neighborhood experimental scene and what better instance than this ensemble led via trombonist Jacob Garchik: he’s sponsored 4 guitarists, including the incandescent Mary Halvorson and a drummer. A long way from chaotic, the end result is distinctly funky there’s no extra low stress way to try something a touch out, as the cats say: “forgive the jazz talk, but additionally don’t be amazed if you listen it more than ordinary under 15th road this week”.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

Aldana proves that there’s no cause swing wishes to sound antique, presenting original compositions and standards that show her exclusive melodic sensibilities simply as clearly as they do her ability to instantly up shred. The Thelonious Monk international Jazz Saxophone competition winner, the first lady to receive that award, could be joined through a sextet she generally performs with a trio, so there’s a hazard she’ll be checking out out some new material.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

There’s a strong opportunity Chris Dave is your favourite drummer’s favourite drummer his profession has covered stints with everybody from Mint condition to Meshell N’Degeocello to Robert Glasper to, eventually, his very own band, which would possibly sooner or later release their studio debut in 2017. Although those names don’t ring a bell, you’ve heard him play: currently, Dave’s been the backbone of albums from pop artists which includes Adele, Justin Bieber and maximum recently, John Legend. Seeing him play his own song, even though, is a wholly specific revel in than what’s on both his jazz and pa resumes. Come organized for a vibe and given his catalog a number unique guests.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

Considered one of jazz’s most dependable and compelling soloists, Coltrane (yes, as in John’s son) will provide a rare duo overall performance with pianist David Virelles, one-offs like this are a primary a part of what makes the festival so unique. Additionally, it’s a taste of what Grammy electorate have been considering when they nominated Coltrane for a 2017 pleasant improvised jazz solo award.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jazz

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Charles Mackintosh Chemist

Charles Mackintosh Chemist who invented the famous raincoat

Makcintosh turned into born in Glasgow Scotland, the son of George Mackintosh and Mary Moore. He become first employed as a clerk. Mackintosh married Mary Fisher in 1790, daughter of Alexander Fisher, a Glasgow service provider. They’d one son, George Mackintosh (1791-1848).


Charles Macintosh.jpg

Charles dedicated his spare time to technological know-how, specially chemistry and before he changed into 20 resigned his clerkship to absorb the manufacture of chemical compounds. On this he became exceptionally a hit and invented diverse new procedures. His experiments with naphtha (one of the byproducts of tar) caused his invention of water-resistant cloth; the essence of his patent turned into the cementing of two thicknesses of material together with herbal rubber. The rubber is made soluble by the movement of the naphtha. In 1823 he changed into elected a fellow of the Royal Society for his chemical discoveries.

In 1828 he became a partner with James Beaumont Neilson in a firm to exploit the latter’s patent for the new blast blowing of blast furnaces, which stored substantially on their gasoline consumption.

Charles died in 1843 and changed into buried in the Glasgow Cathedral graveyard. He’s buried with his mother and father within the ground of his first rate grandfather John Anderson of Douhill, Lord Provost of Glasgow. His call is added to the 17th century monument which stands towards the japanese boundary wall. A overdue 19th century secondary memorial also exists, in polished red granite, barely to the north, wherein Charles is once more stated at the grave of his son George.

First bought in 1824, the Mackintosh coat is called after its Glaswegian inventor, Charles Mackintosh. He designed one of the first water resistant fabric via rubberising sheets of material in his fabric factory.

On what have been his 250th birthday, he has now been honoured with his own Google Doodle.

He became born in Glasgow in 1766 and although he started out existence as a clerk, he become a eager chemist in his spare time and resigned his clerkship to soak up the manufacture of chemical compounds.

In 1823 while looking for makes use of for the waste products of gasworks, Mackintosh noted that naphtha, one of the by using products of tar, was capable of dissolve India rubber.

Taking the rubber coating and placing it between portions of wool cloth, he became able to create a cloth that might get moist on the out of doors, but defend the wearer from water.

He patented his invention in 1824, after which factories started out to supply the new mackintosh, now spelt with a ok, cloth.

However it suffered from a number of teething problems. Within the manner of stitching the clothes tailors puncture the material permitting the rain to get in. Additionally they became stiff in winter and sticky in warm weather.

It changed into also claimed that he had copied the approach from James Syme, a Scottish health care provider.

Mackintosh become elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1823, for his various chemical discoveries.

But tailors were initially reluctant to apply his fabric and so he installation his very own company as an alternative. This become later merged with that of Thomas Hancock, who initiated the use vulcanised rubber into the layout.

This progressed its durability to cement its usefulness and desirability.

Fashion Object

The first apparel item become a riding coat with internal leg straps to maintain the coat from flapping.

Now, the employer’s variety of men’s and women’s raincoats, that variety from narrow,single-breasted styles to double-breasted, belted trenches, is made by using craftspeople who have served a 3-12 months apprenticeship. It’s nonetheless made in the united kingdom in factories in Cumbernauld in Scotland and Nelson, Lancashire.

It changed into turned into a fashion icon by way of stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen, which sealed its popularity as a venerable British logo.

Like Burberry and Paul Smith, mackintosh’s Britishness has also given it a cult status in Japan, wherein it’s far extremely famous.


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Quo Guitarist Rick Parfitt Dies Aged 68

His partnership with Francis Rossi have become the middle of fame Quo, one of england’s maximum enduring bands.

Their logo of boogie-woogie rock survived modifications in musical style and made them one of the excellent-cherished live acts of their generation. As well as using the Quo sound on level, Parfitt penned a number of the band’s biggest hits. Richard John Parfitt was born in Woking, Surrey, on 12 October 1948. He commenced playing a guitar while he became eleven and, on leaving college at 15, got a job performing at Sunshine excursion Camp in Hayling Island, Hampshire, incomes £5 per week. But, plenty of his new income went to his father, who became a devoted drinker and gambler. “He turned into all the time getting in hassle and coming to me crying,” Parfitt later recalled. “I probable ended up giving him multiple thousand quid in overall. Back then, that became a variety of cash.”

Rick Parfitt and his third wife Lindsay

Parfitt met Francis Rossi in 1965 once they were each gambling with their respective bands at a Butlin’s excursion camp in Minehead. Two years later Parfitt, in conjunction with Rossi, Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan and Roy Lynes got here collectively to form popularity Quo. The band’s first hit, Matchstick men, launched in 1968, embraced the psychedelic motion of the time and went to number seven inside the united kingdom charts. Their comply with-up, Black Veils of depression, didn’t chart however they did get to wide variety eight with Ice inside the sun, written through Marty Wilde. But the band have been becoming disillusioned with the direction they had been taking. They deserted their flowery garments, embraced denim and T-shirts and settled down to a more traditional style of rock.

Rick Parfitt and Status Quo in 1968

Parfitt co-wrote of the tracks on their leap forward album, Piledriver, released on the Vertigo label in 1972. In an interview in 2014, Parfitt said of the file. “You already know what? I really like every song on that album! I suppose all of the motives is just such a lovely music. I wrote that about my spouse at the time.” The album have become the template for subsequent releases, with Parfitt receiving a number of writing credits. Some thing You want, co-written via Parfitt and Andy Bown, have become one of the band’s biggest hits and a staple of their increasingly more famous live shows.

Rick Parfitt (left) and Status Quo in 1984

Out of doors the Quo tent the musical landscape became converting, from prog to punk, and into the ’80s with the brand new Romantics. Inside the tent, the band persisted to play their 12-bar blues fashion retaining an ever loyal fan base. The band set off on a farewell excursion in 1984 but determined to hold on after Bob Geldof persuaded them to open the stay useful resource concert the subsequent 12 months. “God, i am so thrilled we did it now. Quo commencing live useful resource, it was intended to be.”

They also embraced the hedonistic rock lifestyle with gusto. Parfitt admitted spending £1,000 a week on cocaine and every other £500 on vodka. His addictions, coupled with the tragic drowning in their two-year-vintage daughter, Heidi, caused the breakdown of his first marriage to Marietta broker. “It’s now not shopping for the drugs that is the maximum highly-priced factor,” he later said. “it is the divorce which taking capsules in the end ends in.”

He later married Patty Beedon, who had been his adolescence sweetheart. The couple divorced and reunited once more, before subsequently going their separate methods. It changed into an acrimonious separation, with Patty later describing him as “a egocentric toddler who never grew up”. Parfitt’s revel in of paying tens of millions in divorce settlements made him vow in no way to marry once more, however he tied the knot once more in 2006 with Lyndsay Whitburn, a fitness trainer.

Status Quo website

In 2010, Parfitt and Rossi have been presented the OBE for offerings to tune, posing together with their gongs after the investiture ceremony. By this time Parfitt had suffered some of fitness problems which includes present process quadruple heart pass surgery in 1997. He made a full recuperation and became appearing with the band within a remember of months.
Doctors warned the musician that he might need to go away behind his rock lifestyle, despite the fact that he admitted on the time that he nevertheless enjoyed “the extraordinary pint”. Via 2014 he changed into residing a relaxed existence in Spain.
“I have never smoked a joint for 27 years and i have never achieved any cocaine for 10 years. I just do everyday stuff – the youngsters keep me busy and that i buy groceries with the missus.”



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